Patrick Glettig

Investment Manager

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Patrick is a seasoned consulting professional with extensive experience at leading firms, underpinned by his analytical skills and an industrial background rooted in his early days as a mechanic apprentice. His  journey spans private equity, venture capital, management consulting, and assurance and tax advisory. Notably, at Bain, Patrick contributed to impactful transformations for multi-billion-dollar companies and played a crucial role in successful merger integrations. He helped private equity and portfolio firms through due diligence and value creation projects.

Patrick holds a Master's degree in Management and Economics with a minor in Data Science from the University of Zurich and a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Management.

What motivates you?

The conviction that business between people, done rightly, benefits all stakeholders in a wider ecosystem. This includes owners, employees, customers and the wider population. Therefore, helping business to grow and thrive is a great way to contribute to society.

What brought you to this job?

As a teenager, I did an apprenticeship to understand how the (mechanical) things work. During my undergraduate in business management, I started to scratch the surface of how business, economics and finance work. Anything from this world has become a passion of mine and I developed further in that space through multiple roles in consulting. Private equity lets me combine my genuine interests in these fields with my love for in-depth analysis of fields with limited amount of available information.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

My father shared with me a good motto to life by: never expect anything from somebody else that you cannot live up to yourself.

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