Noemi Fortunato

Investment Analyst

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Before joining MTIP, Noemi gained more than two years of experience in Bain & Company's Private Equity Group. At Bain, she specialized in conducting comprehensive commercial due diligence mainly for large-cap private equity funds, with a particular focus on the healthcare and technology sectors. This experience has provided her with a solid foundation in analyzing market opportunities and assessing potential investments.

Prior to her work at Bain, Noemi gained valuable experience through internships at automotive companies across different countries, including China and Germany. These internships provided her with a global perspective and a strong understanding of diverse business environments.

Noemi earned her bachelor’s degree in Management from Bocconi University and subsequently pursued a Double M.Sc. degree in International Management through a program offered by Bocconi University and Fudan University in Shanghai, where she spent a full year.

Which healthcare trend are you most excited about and why?

I am particularly fascinated by the trend of leveraging technology to enhance disease diagnosis, as it has a profound impact on patient experiences and outcomes. The integration of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics has revolutionized the medical field, allowing for more accurate and efficient diagnoses. This not only leads to earlier detection of diseases but also enables personalized treatment plans tailored to individual patients. The potential for improved patient outcomes and overall healthcare effectiveness is truly remarkable in this evolving landscape.

What brought you to this job?

I am fueled by a deep passion for investing, complemented by a strong interest in the healthtech sector. What truly drives me is the opportunity to channel my skills and knowledge towards making a meaningful and positive impact on people's lives. The healthtech industry, with its vast potential for innovation and transformation, offers a remarkable platform to pursue this goal. By investing in healthtech companies and supporting their growth, I aim to contribute to the development of groundbreaking treatments, improved access to care, and ultimately, better health outcomes for individuals and communities. This aligns perfectly with my aspirations and fuels my motivation to excel in the field of healthtech investment.

What was your dream job when you were little?

I've always had a dream of becoming a doctor, being passionate about the medical field and the idea of making a positive impact on people's lives. Although I have chosen a different path in my career, this passion has remained strong. I am convinced that as a healthcare investor, I can still contribute to improving people's lives in a different, but equally meaningful way.

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