Estelle Pfitzer

Research Analyst

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Estelle Pfitzer has a strong passion for medical innovations and is driven by the desire to make a positive impact on our healthcare system. She holds degrees from both EPFL and ETHZ, where she studied Life Science Engineering and Medical Technologies with a particular focus on digital health and computational biology. During her Master’s thesis at Harvard Medical School in the Department of Pediatric Oncology at DFCI, she deepened her knowledge of the computational oncology field.

With her scientific background comes a strong entrepreneurial drive, which led her to pursue an internship at MTIP. Now, in a new role as a Research Analyst, she will complete her PhD jointly with the Center for Digital Health Intervention(CDHI) and MTIP. With this work, Estelle, CDHI, and MTIP share a common goal of transforming global healthcare and enhancing the well-being of individuals.

What inspires you about your job?

I'm inspired by the opportunity to work at the forefront of technology, not only in the development of AI tools to support MTIP's investment team but also in the companies that MTIP invests in. These companies are revolutionizing healthcare and improving the lives of many, and it's truly exciting to be part of that transformative process.

What trends will most likely influence healthcare?

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and several trends are emerging that are likely to have a significant impact in the coming years. One of these trends is the increasing use of Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT. As LLM technology continues to advance, it has the potential to transform various aspects of healthcare. For instance, LLMs can be leveraged to provide automatic assistance from insurance companies and direct support to physicians, freeing up healthcare professionals' time to focus on more critical tasks.

How do you de-stress?

I recharge by spending time in the great outdoors. Whether I'm running, hiking in the Swiss Alps, or cycling, nothing beats fresh air and adventure for clearing my mind and getting ready to tackle new challenges!

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