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Our Investment Thesis

MTIP is the largest Pan-European growth equity investor purely focused on the healthtech sector, supporting companies that revolutionize global healthcare whilst generating top quartile returns to our investors. We invest in the most innovative healthtech companies that bring efficiency on healthcare accessibility, affordability, availability as well as quality. Our purpose is to empower innovation that improves lives by accelerating the adoption of digital technologies in healthcare.

We do this across digital health products, tech-enabled healthcare services as well as connected medical devices. As a leading impact investor, we actively engage with our companies on ESG topics, and believe social responsibility is critical for long-term and sustainable value creation. Thus, we are proud to be SFDR Art.9 compliant as of MTIP Fund II characterized as one of the first “dark green“ funds with our products targeting sustainable investments.

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We change the world one innovation at a time.

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MTIP’s Differentiated Growth Investment Strategy:

We believe that our investment strategy is highly differentiated due to the following characteristics:

Largest and most experienced European Healthtech     Growth Equity Investor: We contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world through our investments and actions.

As an impact investor, we are proud of our strong commitment to social responsibility that supports long-term and sustainable value creation providing capital to tackle inequality in access to quality healthcare.

We have developed a strong deal flow across all our core markets and have gained access to the most attractive healthtech investments.

Our deep specialization in healthtech creates a strong network effect across investment cycle.

We have a unique skill set within our investment team, consisting of specialists in healthcare, finance and software.

We create value through the team’s unique combination of sector and operational expertise for a successful exit.

We have a global network of sophisticated financial and strategic partners and advisors at our disposal.

MTIP Coworkers
MTIP Coworkers
MTIP Coworkers

MTIP’s Investment Criteria

We maximize impact
and create value:


TrailBlazer: Committed to optimize
MTIP’s investment capabilities.

MTIP Trailblazer

TrailBlazer is transforming MTIP’s investment decision-making process by utilizing cutting-edge workflow automation technology, providing MTIP with a competitive advantage and a fresh approach to digital thinking.

Leveraging Big Data and Automation for a Competitive Edge

Led by MTIP’s data science team, TrailBlazer started in 2021 with its mission to refine MTIP’s differentiated growth investment approach. The platform is built on continuously growing data sources and can be used to identify the most promising investments for successful growth and value creation while mitigating risks.

Optimized investment decisions,
powered by TrailBlazer

TrailBlazer can improve the investment decision-making process and mitigate risk in several ways:

Deal Sourcing: MTIP combines its in-depth digital health market knowledge with automation capabilities to automatically identify opportunities from the most relevant data sources.

Deal Screening: TrailBlazer will be analyzing existing and new investment opportunities by applying MTIP's investment criteria to the latest company metrics, working hand in hand with investment professionals to identify fits as soon as possible.

Deal Execution: Before MTIP takes an investment decision, TrailBlazer helps benchmark the investee to peers, identifies competitors, and supports the dedal team in identifying and analyzing associated risks.

Portfolio Management & Monitoring: TrailBlazer analyzes operational data and benchmarks the KPIs from MTIP's portfolio companies against each other, as well as against the market.

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