Rahel Hafner

Sustainability & Finance Manager

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Rahel Hafner is a sustainability expert with a CFA certificate in ESG investing. Before working at MTIP, she worked for five years in the audit department of KPMG in Basel and is a Swiss Certified Public Accountant. In this capacity, Rahel supported audit and consulting clients in various industries, including pension funds, NPOs, and companies in the logistics sector.

Her main activities included the audit of annual and consolidated financial statements according to Swiss and international accounting standards, reporting to boards of directors and executive boards, as well as the review of internal control systems and vulnerability assessments.

Prior to that, Rahel studied economics with a focus on business administration at the University of Zurich.

What inspires you about your job?

What inspires me most about my job at MTIP is the teamwork. We all have very diverse backgrounds that come together and complement each other. This always results in exciting conversations, from which new ideas emerge. In addition, as a former auditor, I am motivated by the numbers aspect: the analysis and monitoring of portfolio companies and how they develop and perform over time.

Was means sustainability for you?

For me, sustainability means that each of us can contribute to it. In my view, it is important for every one of us to set our own standards and act accordingly. Sustainability is not just a trend but a prerequisite for successful operations in the future. I am proud to advance and support MTIP and our portfolio in this topic!

What was your dream job when you were little?

As a child, I wanted to be a veterinarian. Being surrounded by animals all day and taking care of them was my dream! Today, I take care of my cat and work for a company specializing in healthtech investments. So you could say the dream has come true - just a bit differently than originally intended.

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