Carmel van den Berk

Investment Analyst

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Carmel is a health economist holding a BSc degree in Health Sciences from Vrije University Amsterdam and a joint MSc degree in Health Economics and Management from Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Oslo, University of Bologna & Management Center Innsbruck.

Her career began at the PharmAccess Foundation, a global health NGO dedicated to enhancing healthcare access in Africa through digital health solutions. Prior to joining MTIP, Carmel was part of KPMG’s Healthcare and Life Sciences Strategy teams in Zurich and Amsterdam, offering strategic support to pharma, medtech, and healthcare providers. Her dedication to advancing human health has since propelled her work at MTIP, where she remains committed to making a positive impact within the healthcare ecosystem.

What brought you to this job?

My journey to this role is driven by a passion for understanding and solving the challenges that the health industry is facing. Having gained valuable experience in healthcare strategy, I witnessed the transformative power of digital solutions in improving healthcare access across the world. At MTIP, I can actively contribute to shaping innovative solutions across the digital health continuum‍.

What inspires you about your job?

What I find inspiring in my job is the opportunity to contribute to scaling interventions that advance human health. The impactful role these innovations play in improving individual health outcomes and reducing the global disease burden is truly motivating.

What is your passion outside of work?

Beyond work, my passion lies in the mountains. Ski touring, rock climbing, and hiking echo the strategic approach needed in health investments, from choosing the right path to pursuing better outcomes. In both, I'm drawn to the beauty and progress that come from well-planned endeavors.

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