Sailing the Waves of the Basel Healthtech Conference:
A Recap and Reflection

February 6, 2024

Anja-Vanessa Peter

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As we conclude the Basel Healthtech Conference, we reflect on the incredible moments, insightful discussions, and transformative ideas that shaped this extraordinary event!

With 515 registered delegates, 805 scheduled meetings, 2 keynotes, and 15 panel sessions, our inaugural Basel Healthtech Conference was an exhilarating two-day journey into the heart of healthtech innovation. Investors, start-ups, growth companies, big pharma, and independent executives and advisers all converged for an enriching experience at the Biozentrum, University of Basel. We hope each participant enjoyed connecting with leading healthcare transformers and key opinion leaders, fostering collaborations that will shape the future of healthtech.

A special congratulations to PIRPA, the champion of Basel Healthtech's Start-Up Showcase! Applause also goes to First Runner-Up Resmonics and Second Runner-Up Moonlight AI for their outstanding contributions.

As we conclude the Basel Healthtech Conference, we reflect on the incredible moments, insightful discussions, and transformative ideas that shaped this extraordinary event!

Opening Panel: AI Unleashed: Turbocharging Drug Discovery at Scale

Conference Highlights:

From the panel discussions and keynotes, here are some thought-provoking quotes that resonated with our audience:

  1. "As we stand at the crossroads of health and technology here at the Basel Healthtech Conference, the futures looks promising. Exciting times lie ahead, where innovation meets well-being, shaping a healthier tomorrow.“ - Dr. Christoph Kausch, Managing Partner & Co-Founder at MTIP
  2. “Without patient trust and user experience, you don't have the adoption." - Ben Maddison, Director, Healthcare Investment Banking at Stifel
  3. "AI is good in identifying targets, delivering drug candidates. It will take time to demonstrate actual value, and pharma is an accelerator." - Exploring AI's impact in Pharma
  4. “Precision digital therapeutics improve adherence, quality, lower patient burden, and improve overall outcomes." - Prof. Dr. Tobias Kowatsch, Professor for Digital Health Interventions at University of Zurich & Director, School of Medicine, University of St. Gallen
  5. "As a manager in a company, you manage budgets. Looking back, this was easy. As a board member, you manage cash. This is so much harder." - Meinhard Schmidt, Independent Healthtech Executive

Industry Insights:

Our esteemed speakers delved into industry challenges and solutions:

  1. “250 billion spent on R&D by pharma every year - 90% failure rate. If we used AI to solve this inefficiency problem, we could save 50 billion p.a." - Gunjan Bhardwaj, CEO & Co-Founder at Partex
  2. “Most of the European countries are facing a significant shortage in radiologists, while the demand for images is rising, driven by an ageing population. The adoption of healthtech solutions in radiology will be paramount to reduce the gap between supply & demand." - Dr. Anne Mathieu, Investment Director at MTIP
  3. “AI will accelerate the pace of drug discovery but not necessarily reduce the costs. This is the issue that Intelligencia helps to solve.“ - Edoardo Madussi, Head of Business Development at Intelligencia AI
  4. “Large pharma companies spend between 1-2 million on a Request for Proposal (RfP) to obtain a value of 300k from a digital health company. This needs to change." - Mert Aral, Chief Medical Officer at Huma

Technological Evolution:

Our tech-focused insights showcased the rapid evolution of the healthtech landscape:

  1. “10 years ago, no one knew what digital health was.“ - David Braun, Head of commercial operations and customer engagement, Global Digital Health at Merck
  2. “I hope I can come back next year and not see the word 'Digital', only 'Healthcare'." - Hakim Yadi, CEO at Closed Loop Medicine
  3. “We can use our technology across Europe. Our technology is our leverage factor." - Kai Eberhardt, CEO & Co-Founder at Oviva

Market Trends and Predictions:

Speakers shared valuable insights into market trends and predictions:

  1. “The biggest opportunity is Germany. The biggest challenge is Germany." - Ranjan Singh, CEO & Co-Founder at HealthHero
  2. “VC debt financing is mature in the US (30 years), Europe is slower, but it is picking up." - Ian Murchie, Principal at Sofinnova Partners
  3. "2020-21 was the dot com equivalent of Healthtech. We are going through the aftermath of this bubble. Strong companies have emerges stronger. The market opportunity hasn't changed." - Ranjan Singh, CEO & Co-Founder at HealthHero

Valuations, Margins, and Value Creation:

Experts shared their perspectives on valuations, margins, and value creation:

  1. “Investing is not only about numbers; it is about people and relationships." - Katrin Vatiska, Investment Partner at MTIP
  2. “Healthtech deserves higher valuations because it is more scalable compared to traditional solutions." - Dr. Andy Fischer, MD, CEO & Co-Founder at Medgate Group
  3. “Digital health delivers better margins by providing more efficient solutions." - Kai Eberhardt, CEO & Co-Founder at Oviva
  4. "Even though we invest large equity tickets, we need to have a good pulse on the smaller companies as M&A targets." - Katherine Wiles, Principal at Hg Capital

Panel: The Journey of Healthtech Investing: From Seed to Buyout

MTIP sponsored Dinner Boat Cruise

And that's not all - the excitement continued with the MTIP sponsored Dinner Boat cruise on the night of conference day one! Sailing the tranquil waters of the Rhine, attendees indulged in a culinary journey featuring a flying dinner and show cooking with pasta from the parmesan wheel. Upstairs, traditional Swiss games like stump and curling added a touch of local flavor to the evening. For those feeling the chill, hot wine provided the perfect warmth.

Amidst breathtaking scenery, the boat cruise offered a unique opportunity to connect with fellow attendees. Beyond a river voyage, it became a journey into new connections, meaningful conversations, and shared experiences. With good music resonating in the air, the evening was truly enjoyable.

Closing Thoughts

As we conclude this remarkable event, we extend our gratitude to all participants, Stifel Europe, our other partners, and speakers for making the Basel Healthtech Conference a resounding success. This journey has not just been about healthtech; it has been about forging new connections, fostering meaningful conversations, and sharing experiences that will shape the future of healthcare.

Cheers to the success of the Basel Healthtech Conference and bon voyage! Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities to connect, collaborate, and innovate in the healthtech world.

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