The Use of AI in Investment Decision-Making:
Introducing MTIP’s TrailBlazer

May 8, 2023

Anja-Vanessa Peter

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We are proud to present TrailBlazer, that makes MTIP’s growth investment strategy stand out.

The use of AI technology has an enormous potential in the healthcare industry. It can improve diagnosis and treatment accuracy, increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, enable predictive analytics and precision medicine, and enable remote patient monitoring.

As long-term healthtech growth equity investors, MTIP invests in the most innovative healthtech companies, which are enabling efficiency in the healthcare system. Our broadly diversified portfolio includes the three portfolio companies, LynxCare and Oviva who are successfully integrating AI-powered solutions in their business models. deploys AI to assess, quantify and reduce the risk of clinical development. LynxCare is improving patient outcomes by unlocking unused hospital and patient data using AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) while Oviva uses artificial intelligence to provide nutritional advice.

However, we strive to not merely invest in the most exemplary companies, but rather to consistently maintain a competitive edge in the realm of innovation. Recognizing the added value that advanced AI technology can generate, we at MTIP started our own mission to leverage AI and Big Data to improve our investment outcomes and mitigate risks, all while maximizing returns.

Led by MTIP’s Data Scientist Philipp Schaad and Research Analyst Estelle Pfitzer, we are proud to present TrailBlazer, that makes MTIP’s growth investment strategy stand out. TrailBlazer is an AI-powered prediction model that provides unique investing insights and a multidimensional, holistic company performance assessment. Two years in the making, its platform is built on continuously growing data sources and can be used to source relevant and promising companies. As the name suggests, our tool is designed to make it easier for MTIP’s investment professionals to blaze through complex data to uncover hidden patterns and insights. “AI technology unlocks new data flows and can therefore provide our investment team with valuable insights, analysis and predictions, helping them make more informed investment decisions and improve MTIP’s overall investment performance,” says Philipp Schaad, Data Scientist at MTIP.

Data-based rating provided by TrailBlazer

TrailBlazer can improve the investment decision-making process and mitigate risk in several ways:

  • Data Analysis: TrailBlazer analyzes vast amounts of data from various sources such as market data to identify trends and patterns that humans may miss. By automatically tracking the evolving healthcare market, TrailBlazer gives our MTIP team proprietary information and enables more informed investment decisions.
  • Predictive Modeling: AI models can use historical data to forecast future market trends. Through predictive modeling, we identify companies that are on a promising trajectory towards rapid growth.
  • Portfolio Management & Monitoring: Our AI-powered model can help optimize the performance of our portfolio companies by analyzing operational data and identifying areas where efficiencies can be improved.
  • Risk Management: Before MTIP takes an investment decision, TrailBlazer can help identify and analyze associated risks. This informs our team how to optimize time spending and which details about the company to dig for during due diligence. Furthermore, it can also simulate different scenarios to help our investment team make informed decisions about risk mitigation strategies.
  • Benchmarking Capabilities: The MTIP team is provided with valuable insights into the performance of different investment strategies, portfolios or funds, enabling us to benchmark capabilities and make more informed investment decisions.

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