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New MTIP investment in Quanta Dialysis Technologies

June 20, 2018 + Jessica Di Palo
5 Min read

MTIP has invested in Quanta Dialysis Technologies Ltd., a British company that has developed advanced haemodialysis systems for use in clinics and at home.

Quanta haemodialysis solution

MTIP has invested in Quanta Dialysis Technologies Ltd (Quanta), a British company providing innovative haemodialysis solutions for use in clinics and at home.

Renal failure is a huge clinical problem with over two million patients receiving dialysis on a weekly basis. For these patients, treatment consumes great amounts of their time and can be a real burden on their quality of life. Quanta aims to improve these patients’ lives by simplifying and creating more treatment flexibility while maitaining high treatment quality.

“We are delighted to welcome MTIP as an investor and we are grateful for their support at this critical time as we prepare for market launch”, said John E. Milad, CEO of Quanta.

“Quanta has done an amazing job at creating a technology that directly meets the needs of dialysis patient’s. With Quanta‘s SC+ personal haemodialysis, patients will have a simpler and easier treatment whether that be in their local clinic or at home”, said Dr. Christoph Kausch, Founding Partner and CEO of MTIP.

Bruce Meadows, the MTIP’s Senior Investment Director, added that “Quanta is exactly the type of company in our investment sweet spot. It improves patient’s quality of life, it saves them time and it saves money across the healthcare system.”

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