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MTIP Healthcare Clinic 2019

April 18, 2019 + Jessica Di Palo
5 Min read

Basel, April 9th, 2019 MTIP presented its journey in the healthtech sector with its insights on the current industry developments, its great portfolio and an exciting outlook of the future with MTIP Fund ll.

The MTIP Healthcare Clinic 2019 took place in the Victoria Hotel Basel. The guests were welcomed by MTIP’s chairman Dr. Felix Grisard and in the following overview, Dr. Christoph Kausch enlightened the invited audience about MTIP’s main differentiators. MTIP is one of the leading European investors in Healthtech and connects the traditional healthcare sector with new technologies, emerging from the IT sector. By being one of the least digitalized sectors and decreasing productivity over the last couple of years, healthcare strives for improvements. Digitalization in healthcare is just emerging and offers enormous opportunities which are mainly uncorrelated to the traditional financial markets and therefore offer a highly attractive risk-reward profile for investors.

Based on this, Dr. Claudia Colciago presented MTIP’s view on future developments in the healthcare sector and emphasized the importance of investing in companies with a strong and sustainable growth trajectory. Artificial intelligence will have a major impact on healthcare, but AI technology can only be leveraged if a robust framework to collect, structure, and share data is established beforehand. In the future, Digital Health companies will help in delivering affordable and efficient care to patients all around the globe.

Speaking about excellent examples of affordable and efficient care, MTIP’s portfolio was presented by the investment partner David Germonpré. Last year’s new investments Quanta Dialysis, Lumeon and Cynerio were presented by their respective management team. Thanks to their expertise, the audience had a deep dive into several hot topics around chronic diseases, decentralized care, optimization of treatment delivery and cybersecurity.

MTIP was able to establish this great portfolio in under three years and more is coming. The future steps and the key terms of the MTIP Fund II concluded the presentations. The audience was fascinated by MTIP’s development and engaged in insightful discussion during the Apéro riche, enjoying a stunning view over Basel.

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