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Trialbee’s guiding ambition: Dedicated to patients, driven by science, and powered by data.

Trialbee is a world-leading provider of patient matching and engagement technology. It is empowering patients to participate in clinical trials as a care option and has continuously innovated patient-centric technology solutions for global clinical trials. The company’s strategy rests on three elements:

Meeting patients without limitations: Trialbee helps to build trust with users by employing a patient-centric approach to clinical trials. Its platform facilitates a better understanding of targeted patients from a clinical and behavioral perspective by enabling healthcare professionals to get in touch with them digitally.

Increasing precision while minimizing risks: Recruiting and retaining high-quality patients is complex and expensive. Trialbee’s digital solutions allow customers to reduce data variability and minimize site burdens with greater precision and statistical power. By minimizing the risks and increasing reliability in trials, its platform facilitates the generation of more predictable data.

Experts at work: Trialbee is a loyal partner with extensive experience in various areas, including digital marketing and clinical trials. Delivering quality referrals, enrollment timelines, and cost efficiency are part and parcel of the company’s technology-driven approach to patient recruitment and retention.

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