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Nitinotes’ is engaged in the fight against obesity, one of the fastest-growing illnesses in the world. According to the World Health Organization, around 650 million people around the globe are classified as obese, triple the total in 1975. Until now, treating this disease has been a demanding challenge, rarely successful for any prolonged period of time, involving three different approaches:

  • Diet and physical exercise, both of which, unfortunately, barely work for obese patients
  • Pharmaceuticals, which have proved only moderately effective
  • Bariatric surgical techniques, some of which involve highly invasive methods and medical intervention that is non-reversible; in addition, there are only a relatively small group of surgeons who can perform these very difficult procedures.

Nitinotes, however, has developed a fourth approach with the creation and development of EndoZipTM, a fully automated, operator-independent, minimally invasive suturing system. This solution enables durable endoluminal restrictive sutures in patients who are obese.

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