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Mediktor – AI medical assistant

Mediktor is the most accurate AI-based medical assistant for triage, pre-diagnosis, and decision-making support. The only clinically validated one, based on an awarded clinical trial with more than 1.000 real patients and in which an accuracy above 91% was obtained.

The company’s mission is to improve access to healthcare all over the world, overcoming currently acknowledged problems as a lack of efficiency in healthcare delivery or the general saturation of the systems. They want to use AI to guide patients to the right level of care, providing both patients and professionals with the right health decision support.

Mediktor’s core is built upon an AI engine that manages hundreds of diseases, as well as thousands of questions and symptoms. By applying machine learning techniques, and using natural language recognition capabilities, Mediktor constantly grows and improves its clinical depth, providing at the same time the best possible user experience. As an entry point or a key step in a healthcare process, Mediktor can help solving different use cases for a wide range of industries, from insurance companies to hospitals and health systems, pharma or telemedicine platforms.

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