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80% of medical data are still not used or usable for healthcare analytics

Observational data from electronic health records (EHR) have been used for years to inform drug development and health-related decision-making. Recently, the introduction of big data analytics helped to shift the focus of this space from descriptive to more predictive and automated, developing large datasets, also known as Real-World Data (RWD), with aggregated EHRs from thousands of patients.

Despite the great benefits of the RWE, according to the estimates, more than 80% of health data remains locked in unstructured and disparate data sources at the local servers of the hospitals. The current ways of data extraction are complex, tedious, and expensive since health data is mined manually. However, with the increased awareness expressed by both healthcare systems and pharma companies around the usability of RWE, our portfolio company LynxCare is building data infrastructure and analytical capabilities to uncover the value of RWD in healthcare.

LynxCare is an AI-powered clinical data platform to mine structured and unstructured health data from the hospital information system (clinical notes, lab reports, etc.) in an accurate and scalable way. The platform unlocks the value of health data by making it accessible to hospitals and pharma companies so that RWD can be analysed and used as RWE to address clinical and research questions.

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