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Intelligencia is an AI-driven technology company that focuses on minimizing the risk of drug development and enabling external innovation. It currently works with top-10 and mid-size global biopharmaceutical companies, smaller biotechs, prominent research centers, as well as investors in the biopharmaceutical space. With a focus on increasing R&D productivity, the company offers a suite of decision-making support solutions that enable its customers to minimize the risk of drug development, as well as streamline productivity and lower cost. Its platform allows customers to:

  • Accurately and efficiently assess the probability of success of pipeline drugs, with supporting rationale;
  • Unlock the optimal trial design, with comprehensive benchmarks linked to clinical trial success;
  • Identify and prioritize additional potential indications to explore for each asset;
  • Guide business development decisions by quickly and objectively comparing the attractiveness of external assets, based on a variety of features, including the underlying biology, clinical and regulatory data, and company characteristics; and
  • Identify emerging technologies and scientific breakthroughs to gain competitive insights and enable identification of “the next big thing” early.

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