Wanja Humanes

Investment Director

Wanja Humanes has been a venture capital investor since 2015. Mr. Humanes was closely involved in the evolution of Swisscom Ventures from a traditional corporate venture capital investor to one of the globally leading telco venture capital firms with funds totaling $500 million with most of the capital coming from institutional investors. During his tenure with Swisscom Ventures, Mr. Humanes spearheaded 20 new investments and was more recently instrumental in later-stage investments in leading companies such as fastly (IPO NYSE), Scandit, and Aircall. Mr. Humanes also sourced the firm’s investment in Bring! and supported the company as a non-executive board director until it was sold at the end of 2021. Through his work as an investment professional Mr. Humanes has acquired distinctive experience in the field of enterprise software. At the beginning of 2021, he was recognized as a Rising Star in Corporate Venture Capital for his achievements. He graduated from the University of St. Gallen with a master’s degree in information, media, and technology management.

Which person is a professional role model for you?

For being both an entrepreneur and investor in his own right I admire Jack Bogle, the founder of the Vanguard Group, the most. Jack Bogle was extremely sharp-witted and always remained humble while paving the way to making low-cost investing available to everyone via index funds. His undertakings in the financial industry also had some of the broadest impacts on society and boosted financial literacy for generations to come.

What is the company you wish you had invested in and why?

I wish we had invested in Scandit earlier at my previous employer. I am sure that the company will be a big success both for an enterprise software company as such and for a Swiss one, helping Switzerland’s perception in the broader VC landscape.

My favorite innovation?

Any product that employs human computation as coined by Luis von Ahn, the concept behind CAPTCHA and Duolingo that enables humans to collaborate with computers in a mutually beneficial almost symbiosis-like way. I am quite skeptical about the notion of win-win situations normally, but this might be as close as it gets.