Jessica Di Palo

Marketing & Communications

Jessica Di Palo Portrait

Jessica Di Palo joined MTIP in 2020, intent on using her passion for marketing and communication, both online and offline, to help amplify the company’s vision of creating true long-term value in key markets around the world. Previously, she worked at UVEX Arbeitsschutz (Schweiz) AG, where she served as marketing and communications manager.

She began her career in advertising in 2014 with an internship at TBWA\Switzerland while completing her bachelor’s degree in communication science, law and political science at the University of Zurich. She subsequently worked in the marketing and sales department at Basler Versicherungen AG while studying for her masters and joined the digital agency Mind Studios following graduation.

What role does design play nowadays?

Design plays an extremely important role in our field – and it is not just about developing good-looking products. It also shapes our decision-making, what we think and how we feel. Efficient, user-focused design should always be the goal, especially in digital health, because few patients would continue to use, say, an app that did not offer a fully satisfying experience.

How important is communication?

The subject of communication has always fascinated me. In my studies, I learned that “one cannot not communicate,” as communication theorist Paul Watzlawick once said. This statement really shaped my perspective because it narrowed things down to the core concepts of context and subtext. In working with our portfolio companies, I advise them to be open for conversations and transparent in their communications.

What is your superpower?

I’ve always been a very curious person and never suffered from boredom when I was a child. And as an adult, I always try to stay on top of new trends and innovations in my field. What keeps me going day in and day out? My curiosity!