Jan Przybylowicz, MD

Investment Analyst

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Dr. Jan Przybylowicz received his MD qualification from Imperial College School of Medicine and graduated in Management with First Class Honours from Imperial College Business School.

As a researcher at the Institute of Global Health Innovation in London and the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, Jan contributed to studies applying artificial intelligence in medicine and published peer-reviewed papers regarding healthcare management.

Jan's journey with commercial applications of emerging technologies in healthcare started at Airfinity, a high-growth health analytics start-up, where he worked as a data manager and medical expert. Familiar with three programming languages, he later won Pfizer’s medical hackathon and built a system for patients with psoriasis at the largest dermatology unit in Poland.

What motivates you?

I am driven by curiosity and the idea of challenging the status quo. At MTIP, I can pursue my passion for healthcare, technology, and business whilst doing what I enjoy the most: seeking opportunities to innovate and grow.

What are qualities that a founder needs to thrive?

Just like winning start-ups, the best founders are outliers. They constantly challenge conventions. It is very important for a founder to distil a clear vision and execute on it relentlessly, but also maintain a willingness to pivot when necessary. Additional qualities that I look for in founders include charisma, honesty, clarity of thought, and deep domain expertise.

What is your passion outside of work?

Improv. For over 10 years, I have performed as an actor in an improvisational theatre group. It is very exciting to create stories that unfold in real time based on inspirations from the audience. To build meaningful relationships on stage from scratch, you must rely on intuition, trust, and careful listening. Sounds familiar?



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