Dr. Erich Platzer, MD

Member of the Board of Directors & Advisor

Dr. Erich Platzer has been active since 2010 as a business angel, with lead investor roles in multiple investments. From 2001 until the present, he has been an Investment Advisor and co-founder of the venture capital company HBM BioVentures, now called HBM Healthcare Investments. During this time, he has held multiple board roles, including as chairman of various public and private biotech and medtech companies in the US and Europe. Prior to that, he spent 10 years in product development and marketing at Roche, where he last served as therapeutic area head of oncology, responsible for various strategic corporate partnerships.

Additionally, Dr Platzer has 12 years’ experience in academic medicine and research and was one of two co-founders and key members of the team at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center that purified human G-CSF in 1983 (recombinant: Neupogen®), which currently has annual sales of more than USD 5 billion (including its pegylated form). Dr. Platzer has an MD from the Medical School of the University of Erlangen, where he also received his MD/PhD (habilitation qualification). He is currently chairman of publicly traded Vivoryon Therapeutics NV, as well as private companies AOT, Peripal, and LMD (Léman Micro Devices). He is also a board member of Aptose Biosciences Inc, a public company, and Panavance Therapeutics, a privately-held firm.

Dr. Erich Platzer, MD Portrait

Experienced business angel and investor

Dr. Erich Platzer, MD