David Germonpré


David Germonpré portrait

David Germonpré is a seasoned venture capital investor and board member with a strong focus on medtech and digital health. Before joining MTIP, he invested on behalf of the Gemma Frisius Fund in spin-offs from Belgium’s KU Leuven, Europe’s most innovative university (according to Reuters). Between 2009 and 2013, Mr. Germonpré advised the Government of Flanders on its investment vehicles. Prior to that, he worked as an investment banker at Dexia Bank, where he focused on M&A and equity capital market transactions for large corporates. Mr. Germonpré holds a master’s degree in commercial sciences from Ghent University. In 2013, he earned an Executive MBA from the top-ranked IE Business School in Madrid, Spain.

What inspires you about your job?

I feel extremely lucky to be able to work with talented people who share my passion to link smart capital to technologies that impact the lives of millions. Bringing out the best in people to create successful businesses, monetize them, and, at the same time, scale MTIP’s institutional investment platform, is what excites me each and every day.

How does digital health change the broader industry?

Totally, profoundly, and irreversibly. The digitization of the healthcare industry is a paradigm shift in comparison to 20th century healthcare models. It enables care at home instead of at a hospital, more personalized care, care that is more preventive than curative, and better outcomes for patients at a lower cost. This is a true revolution.

How do you de-stress?

To relax after the daily load of emails, documents, tough negotiations and deadlines, you need to mind your lifestyle and your body. I love to go outdoors for hiking, biking, lake swimming and skiing — this is Switzerland! — and share quality time with family and friends. Disconnecting from the digital world is not too bad.