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Our purpose

MTIP Management Sàrl believes in empowering innovation that improves lives. By focusing on investments into the Healthtech sector we try to improve the lives of millions of people already for the foreseeable future. To undertake these actions we commit to consider and identify material ESG issues during the pre and post investment phases. Therefore we define our approach in this policy to integrate the ESG factors into our investments.

The concept of responsible investments refers to an approach to investing which explicitly acknowledges the relevance of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors in the investment decision-making, as well as the long-term health and stability of the financial market as a whole. Furthermore, it recognizes that the generation of long-term sustainable returns are dependent on stable, well-functioning and well-governed social, environmental and economic systems.

Our responsible investment policy consists of various strategic pillars. We exclude companies on the basis of their business activities in the field of controversial weapons and their involvement in the coal sector (where this accounts for at least 30 per cent of their entire turnover). We also incorporate sustainability factors in our investment analysis, whereby companies. For the selection of our portfolio companies we apply the six principles for responsible investments issued by the United Nations. MTIP seeks to and actively encourages portfolio companies to consider the ten principles of the UN global compact in their operations that focus on Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Anti-Corruption.

MTIP Management Sàrl is represented by Dr. Christoph Kausch, Christoph Vonder Mühll, Bernice Harte and John Davis.

In line with the Funds’ commitments and initiatives in terms of responsible investment, and in accordance with current regulations, the Funds’ remuneration policy is consistent with the integration of sustainability risks into the investment decision-making process of the Fund.

Company number: B201240

Furthermore to the UN Global Compact

MTIP seeks to:

  • Grow and improve the companies in which MTIP invests for long-term sustainability and to benefit multiple stakeholders, including on environmental, social, and governance issues. To that end, MTIP will work through appropriate governance structures (e.g., board of directors) with portfolio companies with respect to environmental, public health, safety, and social issues, with the goal of improving performance and minimizing adverse impacts.
  • Be accessible to, and engage with, relevant stakeholders either directly or through representatives of portfolio companies, as appropriate.
  • Consider environmental, public health, safety, and social issues associated with potential portfolio companies when evaluating (pre-investment phase), and as well during the period of ownership (post-investment phase)
  • and, consistent with applicable law, respect the rights of employees to decide whether or not to join a union and engage in collective bargaining.


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