Person looks at smartphone and the app Mindset is visible with the text: why do i feel unattractive

Koa Health

Category: Digital Health

Country: The Netherlands & Spain

“Mental health conditions can have a substantial effect on all areas of life, such as school or work performance, relationships with family and friends and ability to participate in the community. Two of the most common mental health conditions, depression and anxiety, cost the world economy US$ 1 trillion each year”, is a statement of the WHO (World Health Organization). It is highly urgent to provide contributions for mental health care as well as for effective treatments. MTIP is a healthtech investor that takes responsibility as a UNPRI signatory with through investments. 

Koa Health's mission is to leverage technology and research to create simple, personal and accessible mental health support by combining evidence, cutting-edge tech and user-centered design. They create breakthrough interventions backed by science with one clear goal: to improve people’s mental health. Koa Health delivers effective, accessible mental health support that adapts to their unique circumstances. The company's international team consists of behavioural scientists, developers, designers and health innovation leaders.