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Creating successful and sustainable business

Our investment thesis

MTIP is a recognized venture capital investor with a track record of creating successful and sustainable businesses. By identifying, financing and nurturing talented entrepreneurs in the healthcare space, we seek to create successful and sustainable businesses and long-term value for our clients.

  • Strategy

    Building on our industry and investing expertise and our thematic approach, we have created solutions designed to meet the needs of sophisticated investors. Whether through standardized offerings or individually tailored products and services, our goal is to deliver attractive long-term financial and strategic returns.

  • Offerings

    Available options include funds managed through our Luxembourg-based, state-of-the-art platform, as well as individually tailored products and services.

  • Industry

    We focus on the healthcare sector, where there is a pressing need for innovative and cost-efficient products and services that can save and improve lives. In particular, we target opportunities in the rapidly growing medical device, diagnostics and digital health industries.

  • Stage

    Although we are generally “stage agnostic”, we prefer to invest in firms that are in a later-stage, expansionary phase, with a proven technology that can be effectively scaled to create successful and sustainable global enterprises.

  • Role

    We seek to own a significant minority equity stake in the businesses we fund. Although we leave day-to-day operations in the hands of our portfolio company managers, we also engage with them as partners, advisers, and agents to accelerate growth.

  • Investment

    We typically provide around €3 to €5 million in funding over the financing round cycle.

  • Term

    Our typical exit time is three to six years.

  • Region

    We primarily invest in European companies.

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About us

About us

MTIP is a Swiss-based venture capital investor specializing in digital health and medical technology sectors. Founded by entrepreneurs, our firm partners with innovative healthcare companies to create cost-effective, successful and socially responsible solutions for improving patient care.

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Our team

Our committed team

At MTIP, our dedicated professionals share a commitment to excellence, a passion for problem-solving, and a faith in the value of collaboration, cooperation and mutual trust.

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How we add value

How we add value

With our deep-rooted industry knowledge, hands-on experience, and commitment to social responsibility, we help tomorrow’s healthcare leaders overcome the inevitable challenges and transform visions into successful and sustainable enterprises.

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