First Investment and First Fund Closing accomplished

MTIP reaches important milestones

The investment fund launched by MedTech Innovation Partners AG (MTIP) at the beginning of 2016 made a first close of CHF 30 million in April. In May 2016, the first investment in ReActive Robotics GmbH was made.

Basel, May 2016: MITP’s first fund which was launched six months ago reached a first close of CHF 30 million in April 2016. The capital was raised by ten different investors including pension funds, family offices, hospitals, foundations. "First-time closing is an enormously important milestone in our industry, one that is difficult to achieve. We are therefore particularly pleased that MTIP has successfully reached its first closing," emphasises Dr. Christoph Kausch, CEO of MTIP. The target volume of this fund is CHF 40 million. All investments in the fund will be in the same share class and same conditions will apply.

Just as pleasing as the first closing was the first investment MTIP made in May 2016. As the lead investor in ReActive Robotics GmbH, MTIP promotes a company that facilitates the accelerated and improved recovery of patients with the aid of robotic technology. Germany’s largest venture capital fund, the High-Tech Gründerfond, co-invested. Contact with the company had been established via MTIP's high-caliber advisory board and the associated affiliation to robotics research at the ETH. ReActive Robotics develops adaptive and intelligent therapy robotics which automate Early Mobilization in the intensive care unit. Using robotic modules, which can be attached to the patient bed as required, patients can be mobilised directly in their hospital bed. Thus, in contrast to existing solutions, the time-intensive and often dangerous transfer of intensive care patients onto a separate therapy device is no longer required. The potential market size is estimated to exceed € 2 billion. The device will be launched in Europe in early 2018. "We are delighted to be investing into a business model that offers benefits for patients, the health care system and investors alike," says Dr. Christoph Kausch. He and his team are already evaluating other attractive startup investments which, in view of the promising investment pipeline, will no doubt follow.


Dr. Christoph Kausch
Chief Executive Officer

Phone: +41 61 551 02 50